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Well well well. I have received numerous emails today from a certain site claiming I took her image tags from her site. Out of respect I will not name anyone even though they have already bashed me and this site as well. But as you can tell on this site, I never claimed to make any of the images on this site. I go around myspace and gather images that way. This person fails to realize something and that something is this. She is NOT the owner of the work of art she altered or animated. Just because she animated letters, or altered the image does not mean she has copyright over that image. People apparently do not understand this and are to stupid to realize that you are the very one that is stealing the art by copyrighting someone else's art. Just be kind enough to the TRUE artist and put "Tagged by so-in-so" or "Animated by so-in-so" instead of "Copyright © whatever". Do NOT tell me that you are going to file a lawsuit or whatever on me unless you can show me proof that the original work of art is truly yours, once I have that proof in front of me I will then remove the image from my site. I did however remove the images from the site that this person was threatening me with a lawsuit, but it wasn't because she told me to but only because my hosting told me to and out of respect I did. legally I am not doing anything wrong. in fact what I am doing is giving props to artists' and taggers because I do NOT remove anything from the images. I do not alter the images. and if there is a website address on the image, guess what? I am giving free promotion to that website! I am just providing a website that people can come to, to be able have a very huge selection of images to choose from and not have to go from site to site to achieve this.

So if you are an artist and want something removed from my site, please send me the proof and I will be more than happy to remove the image. If you are a tagger, do NOT waste my time. Again this site is a so called "One Stop" for images to post in profiles and or comments for social networking sites like myspace.

Don't Hate! Appreciate! Fuckers! <- "Freedom of speech!"



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Sorry I haven't been able to update since the last time, I have been so busy off the net with my job, it's taken a toll on me. I've been very tired. I will update very soon!!!


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I uploaded 515 Images to the site tonight!  I will upload about 1000 or more tomorrow!! So check back with us!!

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New Images Added!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay on getting the site updated. Anyways, I just added 865 new images to the site! So check them out and pass them along to your friends and family! Hit me up and let me know if you need anything. Thanks for stopping by! Spread the word!



Just uploaded around 400 more images tonight! Will be uploading more soon.. trying to get some together for you. Things have been hectic outside the net.. sorry for not adding images for the last few days... But I will add more ASAP! (04/22/2007)


Site Update

Ok.. I added 1,747 images on the site with a few new categories... :)

If there is anything you need please post it in the chat box at the bottom of this page... Hope you guys have fun, keep on coming back and tell your friends and family about us!! Make us you #1 image source for your graphics!


Site Update!!!

I uploaded about 200 or so images tonight... Just to let you people know that I will be uploading around 2,000 or so more images tomorrow!!!! So pass the word along about this site guys!! It's going to get bigger!!! And the best of all.. It's all FREE!!!


Site Update,,,

I added over a 100 images last night... I would of posted this last night but I had a problem with my computer... Damn Windows Vista... Anyways I added a New category as well... So for all you dolphin lovers out there this one is for you! I hope to be adding more images... Tonight I am going to take a break and will add more tomorrow... :)


Online now Icons....

There is a problem with the Online now Icons code... I have checked several sites' codes and they were using the same code and it doesn't work either... I will be doing some research to try to find a solution... Hopefully I will find one soon... (03/24/2007)


Alright people, I got the contact tables, extended network, and background categories to show the correct code for you to use in the appropriate areas.. So now if you post the code for the contact tables in your profile, it will show your contact table same goes for the others... If there is any problems or you have any suggestions please email me and let me know!! The email link is above... :)



Contact Tables, Extended Network, and Background Images

The codes in these categories are for the image only. We will soon be replacing that code with the appropriate code to be viewed as your background, contact table and extended network banner images... So please bare with us... Hope you guys are enjoying the site!! (03/18/2007)


At the beginning of 2007, the creator of freecommenttags.com was enthusiastically uploading new images to the site till it had reached almost 15,000. I posted some of my own. And then one day the site disappeared. We all moved on. New tag sites appeared and disappeared. the most recent site I have seen boasted +15,000 Categories --- +100,000 Graphics! Pretty impressive, but I always had a soft spot for FreeCommentTags.com. Recently I discovered that the domain for FreeCommentTags.com was available so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages and to point visitors to their new site. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent. I have added just a few examples of the type of images posted to give a better sense of what the site was like.

After reading some of the issues encountered by the previous owner regarding requests to remove images and the legal threats or issues that accompany those requests, I contacted the most knowledgeable person I know on how to deal with these kinds of problems. As an experienced and successful SEO, Bob Sakayama (of TNG/Earthling fame) has some very wise advice. He suggested that we never post images without permission, especially images taken from other websites. While that is something that is easy to do and done frequently simply because is it easy, you do open yourself up to copyright violations. Remember that many images online were created by someone who was paid to create them and a copyright owner is likely to be involved. Most of the time, the owner is willing to grant you permission. In the event that you did not get permission, and someone complains that you're using a proprietary image, simply remove it. That kind of prompt action will eliminate any legal liability. This is especially true if your site is involved in commerce. Basically his advice is to always use unique or licensed images - there are many sources online where you can purchase blanket licenses to use a large collection of stock photos. So there really is no need to violate anyone's image copyrights. Now back to reminiscing about FreeCommentTags.



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